Monday, January 21, 2008

Adsense makes changes to referrals pogrammes once again. Darren Rowse must be Happy.

" Want to stay up to date with the latest AdSense announcements and feature releases? Visit the AdSense blog to read posts written by members of the AdSense team. You can also subscribe to receive posts directly via email. "

Above was the notice what My adsense account showed today. I clicked on it. And found the latest blog entry on Official Adsense blog. .....

"A follow-up to our referrals announcement
You may have seen our recent post about the upcoming changes to referrals promoting AdSense. Since we made this announcement, we've received a number of responses about the program being dependent on the location of the referring publisher. We've carefully considered your feedback, and have decided to modify the original plan."

Now all Non US Adsense Publishers have reason to smile. What say Darren Rowse ?

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